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Welina and welcome to HawaiianAtArt, the official site of Brook Kapukuniahi Parker.  A Hawaiian artist and historian, Brook has dedicated his energy and talents to bringing to life our ancestors and the beauty of Hawaii through art. Having been raised around Hawaiian art his whole life, it was only natural for him to transfer his thoughts into beautiful works. His creations are far more than just breathtaking visual displays; they are attached to rich historical background that makes them real and alive as if speaking to us from the past. An intimate knowledge and love of Hawaiian history and genealogical lines allow Brook to visualize and create images of our ancestors as if he knew them personally.

We invite you to visit our gallery and experience Hawaii through Brook’s unique artwork.

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Let Us Help You…

We want your Hawaiian experience to be a memorable one. Brook pours his heart into each work of art every day. Brook would like to share that same passion with you through commission work, Contact us for a commission quote today!

We appreciate your business and hope we can help you with your Hawaiian art needs! Mahalo Nui Loa!